Win a $150

Superbowl catering package.


We have online 

ordering!  Try us.

We will enter you into our drawing for a FREE Superbowl party!*  On January 27th, we will draw one name from our online guests, and give that winner a $150 gift certificate to be used towards catering a Superbowl Party! Whether you order just one dessert, or feed your whole office with one of our Family Meals- each time you send that order to us by using any of our online access points- it gets you more possibilities to be chosen for the grand prize of$150 catering 2/2/20.

Offering a catered Superbowl party seems like a great incentive.  For those that have been calling in their order, we want to convert you! When you order online, your name will be spelled correct. When you order online, it gives you time to consider all your options- like dessert! We will still answer the phone when you call, but online makes it efficient & easy for your all your to-go needs

You don't have to phone it in anymore.


It is so easy. We want you to see how great and easy it is to send your order online...


So, for the month of January, we will enter certain online orders* in a drawing


One of you will win $150 of Wolf Creek catering for your Superbowl party!


You must say our special word when you come to pick up your order...

This special word is required so "that we know that you know" our secret...

*Which certain online orders qualify 

to win a Superbowl Party?

Any online order qualifies

IF and WHEN...

you say,


at the time of your pick up.


SB pic 1.jpg

We will hear you & enter your order into a drawing to cater your Superbowl party!

<- Remember to say "Superbowl"